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Increase in living costs leads to increase in income thresholds

As the cost of living for households rise every year it is important to ensure that families coming to New Zealand have sufficient means to live here. This is why INZ have recently announced that their income thresholds that parents must meet in order to support dependents for the Samoan Quota and Pacific Access Category, Essential Skills and Religious Worker visa have increased. The Samoan Quota and Pacific Access Category has increased from $38 199.20 to $38 577.76 and the Essential Skills and Religious Worker income threshold has increased from $42 944.20 to $43 322.76.

This is a responsible move on the part of INZ as it is important that we not only encourage migrants to come and live in New Zealand to strengthen our culture and society but we also have a responsibility to ensure that we give our migrant families the best standard of living. As a father I understand that supporting children is expensive and having this increase to adjust for the standard of living in New Zealand is the right thing to do.

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Nils Macfarlane
New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser
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