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Employer Accreditation

Check 1 – Employer Accreditation:

Required by employers to sponsor migrant staff for Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV).

The type of employment arrangements and the number of migrant staff determines the category of accreditation:

● Standard for employers with up to five migrant workers
● High volume for those employing over five migrant workers
● Franchise holders
● Third-party employment arrangements


Check 2 – Job Check:

A separate process from accreditation to obtain a job voucher to provide to their migrant worker. The employer must convince Immigration New Zealand(INZ) that a New Zealander is not readily able to take up the role(s) unless the role is on the Green List, a sector agreement or another special arrangement.

Check 3 – Work Visa Application:

The process for the migrant worker to apply for a work visa.

Employer Responsibilities:

INZ has commencement auditing Employer Accredited businesses for compliance. Failures, even technical, may lead to penalties and damage to a
company’s reputation or restriction in the employer’s ability to recruit offshore.

Employers should be prepared for INZ to ask for their financial statements, evidence of PAYE payments, logs of employment dates and the hours worked by migrant workers, recruitment processes, settlement information supplied along with background checks on key people within the business.


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● Assistance to gain Employer Accreditation and Job Checks
● Help to lodge EAWV applications and alternative visas for family members
● Remedial action support at any stage of the accreditation, job check or visa process
● Planning pathways to residence