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Employer Accreditation

for employers of migrant workers as of 4 July 2022

Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

The new employer registration administered by INZ, required by employers who support migrant staff to gain work visas from 4 July 2022, either for first-time work visas or for existing employees who need another work visa. 


Employer accreditation categories

Standard accreditation is for employers with up to five migrant workers: INZ fee of $740.

High-volume for those employing over five migrant workers: INZ fee of $1220.

Franchise holders: INZ fee of $1980.

Third party employment arrangements: INZ fee of $3870.


Three checks process

The first stage in the new AEWV process is the employer check with applications opening on 23 May 2022, two weeks later than previously advised.  


After which the employer will need to apply for the job check, the approval to support a worker making a visa application.  From 20 June 2022, those employers holding AEWV accreditation will be able to apply for job checks.


The third stage, worker check, is when the migrant worker is finally able to apply for their work visa.  The latter is not possible unless the prospective employer holds AEWV accreditation with a job check approval for the role the migrant worker seeks to fill or continues to be employed in. 



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