Employer Accreditation

Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

AEWV employer accreditation is a form of registration administered by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), and required by any employer to support migrant staff apply for a first-time work visa or for existing employees to apply for another work visa from the 1st November 2021.  This forms the base for the new employer lead work visa application process.

Application can be made 

Online from late September 2021.

Categories of accreditation

Three categories of AEWV employer accreditation determined by the total number of migrant staff employed by the business at any one time;

  • Standard accreditation is for employers with up to five migrant workers
  • high for those employing over five migrant workers, and a further category
  • franchise and triangular third party employment arrangements.


INZ is yet to release this.


INZ is yet to release this.


From 1st November 2021 all New Zealand employers must hold AEWV employer accreditation to support a new or existing migrant worker.  

AEWV employer accreditation becomes the new employer check and after that the employer  will also need to undertake the job check for approval to retain or recruit a migrant staff and finally the migrant worker is able to apply for a visa as the worker check.

A three step application process for any business unable to recruit suitable NZ citizens or residents. 


INZ is yet to provide a processing time. 

We are not confident this will be speedy nor smooth  given INZ’s existing backlogs and the current culture of challenge.

Valid for a year in the first instance and thereafter 24 months while third party employment arrangements are to remain on a yearly cycle.


This will not be a high trust model and therefore you should be ready for INZ to check the information and documentation you submitted are genuine and accurate.

Where from here

Be aware, be prepared and register here now for updates. 

Disclaimer: Mary Noonan is Heartland Immigration Ltd Managing Director her views expressed in this article are not intended to replace the professional service provided to individual migrants by a Licensed or Registered Immigration Adviser or Migration Agent.