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Employer Accreditation

Employers of migrant workers

It is now even more complicated for employers as existing employer accreditations closed at the end of June 2021 in preparation for the introduction of the Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV) which has been rescheduled for mid next year.  

INZ instructions temporarily have been relaxed for new work visas for a number of applicants while employers are no longer able to apply for Accredited Talent Employer, Labour Hire Accreditation or Approval in Principle (other than for crew of fishing).


Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

This is INZ long term strategy to implement an employer led work visa application system with three distinct stages requiring employers to gain and hold mandatory employer accreditation.  A form of registration administered by INZ, to be required by  employers who support migrant staff, on and offshore, and will apply to first-time work visas or for when supporting existing employees gain another work visa.


Three categories of employer accreditation

Three categories of AEWV employer accreditation determined by the total number of migrant staff employed by the business at any one time. Standard accreditation is for employers with up to five migrant workers. High for those employing over five migrant workers, and a further category franchise and triangular third party employment arrangements.


Three distinct stages of AEWV

AEWV employer accreditation will become the new employer check after which the employer will also need to undertake the job check for approval to retain or recruit migrant staff and finally the migrant worker is able to apply for a visa as the worker check.


Moving Forward

The AEWV timeframe, exact criteria, fee structure are yet to be released.  However, the strategy remains while the logisticas are

completely underdeveloped as indicated by the delay in implementation and various ad hoc changes to work visa rules.  Keep informed, register for updates, it’s complicated. You need to keep ahead.