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Immigration, visas and migrant workers at L3

As we move towards Level 3 – here is a summary of what this means for visas, migrant workers and immigration.

Heartland Immigration @ Level 3
We remain fully operational in our homes and committed to providing you with the right advice first time every time.


  • Your work visa employees should all have a visa which is valid until at least the 25 September 2020.
  • Limited relaxation of visa conditions and the ability to vary a small number of visas exist.

Migrant Workers

  • Ensure you and each member of your family has visas valid until at least the 25 September 2020.
  • Understand the conditions attached to your visas.
  • Be patient with INZ

Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

For now, INZ has limited capacity with people working from their Wellington head office, and they have some still working remotely from home. They have prioritised their activities to focus on Covid-19 related activities – such as the exceptions to the border closure and subsequent visas, Covid-19 Variation of Conditions. They are also doing applications for those already in New Zealand such as Victims of Family Violence, partnership category temporary visas, full fee-paying student visas and post-study work visas.

The Border
Remains closed except for:

  • New Zealanders, Australians & Residents
  • Close family of New Zealanders, Australians & Residents
  • Critical and essential travellers with special permission

Keep safe. Bí curamach.

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