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Finding Migrants – Employers

If you’re new to recruiting staff from overseas, here are some pointers to help you through the recruitment process.


  • Check that your job vacancy will meet the requirements of one of the visa categories, and find out what you need to do to support a migrant’s visa application.


  • When planning offshore recruitment, consider which country or countries you are likely to find suitable candidates in. Some countries have rules and regulations that you may need to take into account when recruiting, for example China.


  • Can you increase your reach by being creative about getting the message out there? For example with or via other employers, your industry association or a recruiter?

Set realistic timeframes:


  • Allow time to undertake your usual employment processes such as advertising, evaluating CVs, interviewing, and checking references.


  • Allow time for the migrant to prepare to migrate, eg. sell their home, gather documents for their visa application (such as medical and police certificates), and to obtain occupational registration if necessary.


  • Allow time for the visa application to be processed.

Describing the job


  • Write a clear, realistic and specific job description that candidates you wish to target will understand.


  • Include key details such as the nature of the role, leave provisions, salary and a job title that they will understand. Migrants will be interested in a relocation package.


Making an offer


Once you find the right person, you can make them a job offer. The offer should include conditions that indicate the job is subject to the applicant gaining an appropriate work or resident visa.


Your new employee cannot start working for you until they have the appropriate visa and the job offer must be current when the person applies for their visa.