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Figure It Out

Autumn 2022 is here along with a Covid outbreak, and my special gratitude goes to those who care for the sick and ensure virtual supplies and services are maintained.

Balancing staffing, sickness and shortages can be overwhelming.  For visa-related matters let Heartland Immigration figure it out.

Visa Restrictions
Are easing as outlined in an earlier newsletter, and in the case of tourists, this has been accelerated to the first of May whereby visitors from countries, with which New Zealand holds a visa waiver agreement, are able to enter New Zealand.  This is positive for the tourist and hospitality industries, and wonderful for reunions of family and friends with many of those folk looking forward to that first cuddle with a grandbaby.  

However, many migrants working in New Zealand continue to wait for permission for their immediate family to arrive so that they too may be reunited with their families.

Higher earners and other categories of workers are eligible for critical visas; however, the general prohibition of lodging visa applications offshore remains in force.  

Thank goodness that Working Holiday Visa applicants can now apply to work in New Zealand as these young folk have the ability to fill labour and skill shortages and will provide some relief to the staffing challenges many of us face. Eligible nationals are from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Watch out for further acceleration of border restrictions and remember the devil is in the details.

2021 Residence Visa applications
Huge numbers of Phase 2 applications have been lodged with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and the folk at Heartland Immigration remain busy lodging more applications.  

Don’t be concerned if your 2021 Residence Visa application is yet to be lodged as the opportunity exists until July 2022 and processing at INZ doesn’t begin until April 2022, whereby allocation will be based on the availability of Immigration Officers and the expiry of the applicant’s work visa.  

Be prepared to wait.

Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)
I am mindful that employers may, at the very least, sigh heavily at my reminder of employer accreditation.  Be assured that this has been at the forefront of my mind as INZ remains committed to the implementation of a three-check work visa process.  They are however yet to publicize the instructions and provide the application form.

The first check of the three-step process for employers supporting work visa applicants from 4 July 2022 is to hold employer accreditation.  While the second check is a new method to determine if New Zealanders are available, while we know about these shortages, INZ won’t be convinced without specific evidence for the various roles in the different locations.  The third AEWV step is the migrant check whereby a work visa application is made.

Employers, we will be contacting you in April to start your business-specific journey to become an AEWV Accredited Employer.  

Onshore work visas
Automatic work visas will be provided to those who have lodged 2021 Residence Visa applications.  Other categories of work visa holders should consider bringing forward the work visa renewals to avoid being caught in the transition to the AEWV regime. 

Check expiry dates of work visas along with those of family members now.

Keep safe 

Mary Noonan
Managing Director

Disclaimer: Mary Noonan is Heartland Immigration Ltd’s Managing Director. Her views expressed in this article are not intended to replace the professional service provided to individual migrants by a Licensed or Registered Immigration Adviser or Migration Agent.