Settling and Retaining Migrants

Hiring the right employee is an investment, and with a bit of thought a retention plan can make a real difference to your bottom line. Taking some simple, common sense steps to help your employee settle in will benefit both your business and your employee.

As any good employer knows, ensuring pay and conditions are equitable and in line with those of other employees is part of the foundation for a positive employment relationship.

Manage expectations well

From the first contact with your new employee to the time they arrive in New Zealand be positive but be realistic. Don’t promise anything that you – or New Zealand – cannot deliver.

Focus on the family

If you can provide the migrant and their family with information and insight into the basics like introductions to schools and even employment opportunities for their partner, this will help. A happy, well settled family equals a happy, well settled, productive employee who is more likely to remain loyal.

Access to support networks

Making support networks available for the migrant and their family prior to their arrival in New Zealand can be invaluable. This will help the migrant to plan their new life as well as creating a support network that operates prior to arrival, when they land and for the crucial few months post-arrival. Settlement Support NZ can assist with this.

Simple steps

Think about practical steps you can take to help your employee get established. Can you provide flexible working hours at the start to give them time to set up their household?

Value the difference

Migrants bring with them different ways of thinking and doing. They may have ideas and networks that could benefit your business. Not only could this improve work practices but your new employee could also open up new market opportunities.