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October 2017

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Mary Noonan Heartland Immigration

New Zealand without migrants would be poorer in every respect. Industry would be without the skills base necessary to maintain relevance in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. New Zealand would be culturally less rich, sporting achievements not as plentiful and capital and human investment gaps would appear.

Yes it is right to discuss numbers, who comes and who stays in New Zealand as one does with guests into your own home. Peel back any New Zealander and you will find evidence of one or more explorers, thrill seekers, pioneers or simply a proactive individuals bettering their situation.

Immigration is vital to the economic and social well being of New Zealanders and must be well managed given our ongoing need for a skilled workforce and our responsibilities as a global good citizen.

Heartland Immigration Ltd’s role is to provide a professional service to employers seeking to attract skilled workers offshore and individual visa applicants. It can be difficult at times and we are here to help.

The central city in Christchurch has seen the opening of a 44,000-square-metre precinct. The Crossing will be a new home to several international retailers and it is delightful to see new ventures and old favorites return to the city.

Kind regards,

Mary Noonan

Disclaimer: Mary Noonan manages Heartland Immigration Ltd and her views, expressed in this article, are not intended to replace the professional service provided to individual migrants by a Licensed Immigration Advisers.

Attention UK residents: Special rate and the opportunity for our professional fees to be refunded if you sign up before the 15 December 2017

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Nils encourages long term South Island workers to contact him to check their eligibility for the South Island Contribution Visa.

Heartland Immigration

There is only six months left for long term South Island Essential Skill Work Visa holders to apply for the special South Island Contribution Work Visa. This visa has the potential to lead to residence for themselves and their immediate family. It is a paper based application which can be more elaborate than the online option so don’t delay.

Contact me now at

Migrant Cover: Trusted partners for risk mitigation.

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